Making Money While Traveling

While it is nice to think that a vacation is packed with new sights and adventures around the clock, the truth is most of us have a lot of down time just sitting around the hotel. With free wi-fi offered at most there is an opportunity there to make a little extra money in between excursions.

make money while traveling

How can you make a bit of extra money while you’re on vacation or traveling?


Non-travelers love to hear about what it is like in different places that they will never get to visit. Take an hour each evening and make a post about your day, what you saw, where you ate, how much it cost. You can have your blog connected with a donation site that will allow people to help “fund” your vacation. If you create posts that are interesting and shared on social media your donations will soon start piling in.

There are a number of popular blogging sites as well as reputable sites that will process donations for you. They are very easy to link together so that you can have a button on your posts. All an interested reader has to do is click that button and they are transported to a secure site that lets them contribute money to your traveling cause.


This is a good way to earn money while waiting to go down for dinner, or first thing in the morning while waiting for your friends or family to finish getting ready. Sign up for a survey site that pays you to answer easy questions about the products and services you already use, or want to use. Some, like CashCrate and SwagBucks pay cash for your opinion. You know you have one, take advantage of it in the morning, earn a few bucks for taking a survey and justify spending $5 on a margarita in the afternoon.

All you have to do to get involved in taking surveys on line is sign up for the site and fill out a short profile. CashCrate and SwagBucks will provide you with the surveys and let you know how much you are getting paid to take it. This is a very quick and easy way to fill in some spare vacation time and get paid for it.

While you probably aren’t going to earn back the money you spend on your vacation taking surveys or writing stories, it will help towards those little extras you normally might not get to enjoy. This could be your souvenir money or if you are in a city like Las Vegas, you can allocate the funds you earn to be your gambling money. Give yourself a good incentive, and your downtime during a vacation won’t be wasted away.

Even the best vacation can’t pull you away from the realities of life. Your bills will still be waiting for you when you get home. Why not make the best of that free time you have on vacation and earn a little extra cash. You know you are going to be on line anyway, you may as well get paid for it.

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Creepy Hotels to Check this Halloween

Have you tried staying at a hotel? You might have heard countless and numerous creep stories about hotels and there’s probably one story from a hotel near you. If you think about it, staying in a hotel is somewhat an unusual thing. I wouldn’t propose it, yet in the event that you begin pondering the greater part of the individuals who stayed in the same room as you, it gets frightening. Contemplate the majority of the individuals that have touched your bed, dozed in it and “slept” on top of it.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Hotel Chelsea

The Hotel Chelsea has an overwhelming notoriety. Numerous memorable figure has graced its corridors, and purportedly celebrated really hard in its rooms – much to the interest and rush of road side fans. In any case some of those musicians, artists, scholars and actors left a significantly more scandalous legacy; they still supposedly haunt the Chelsea’s rooms. From Thomas Wolfe to Dylan Thomas, to Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen of Sex Pistols renowned, famous people clearly decline to check out from the premises, even after till death. Think that’s creepy enough? Well, think again because these events happened there:

  • Closets found literally full of skeletons
  • Shrill shrieks from empty hallways
  • Pounding footsteps where no one is walking
  • Lighting and plumbing going on and off at unexpected times

Hotel Galvez

The Hotel Galvez dwells in Galveston Texas, the arriving spot of a ghastly hurricane in 1900 that killed a few thousand individuals. The apparitions of the numerous exploited people are said to be stirred even right up ’til today as their bodies are surprisingly revealed amid building activities.

The hotel allegedly is supernaturally inhabited by a few specters, among them a tragically lovelorn woman who tromps around the fifth floor. Evidently her darling was lost adrift, and after she got the word of his downfall, she hanged herself from the top turrets of the hotel. Later, her fiancé returned, and to everyone’s surprise, unharmed. Tragically, his dearest was then lost herself, just to tread the inn’s passages ever after.

At the point when this woman needs some time alone, the staff members know it because their electronic keys don’t work as they ought to. Others have noted that an abnormal coldness hangs about the spot, which shouldn’t happen in such a warm area.

The Winecoff Hotel

The Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta had been broadcasted as “completely flame resistant” by its designers. But, in 1946 a fire broke out, slaughtering 119 individuals. The building had no fire alarms, no emergency exits, and no sprinklers. Exacerbating matters, fire fighters could just achieve half way up the 16 floor hotel. That implies those staying on the upper floors needed to jump.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, spotted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, supposedly has some spooky incarnations of its own strolling the corridors around at night. Some claim to have seen the phantom of Marilyn Monroe wafting around the restrictive Tropicana Night Club on the premise. Others say they’ve heard the ghastly sounds of Montgomery Clift’s trombone coming from room 928. He stayed in the room in 1953 while he was practicing for the motion picture “From Here to Eternity.”

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The Most Expensive Hotels in the World

For a many of us, arranging a vacation includes scrimping and saving to simply a manage a couple of days laying on a beach or going in a foreign country. We work for the duration of the year to bear the cost of those temporary snippets of immaculate delight while drenching up the sun, or getting a charge out of the new and heavenly foods offered by other cultures. Eventually our air pocket blasts and we understand that we need to come back to reality and start the process of longing for our next trip once more.

Now, let’s begin enlisting the most expensive hotels in the world.

Presidential Suite at the St. Regis, New York City – This 3,430-square-foot space incorporates two rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, an excellent wood-paneled library, and jaw-dropping perspectives of Central Park, 24-hour English steward service, and utilization of the inn’s Bentley Mulsanne. Prepare $35,000 for the first night.

Hilltop Estate at Laucala Island Resort, Fiji - Red Bull tycoon Dietrick Mateschitz acquired this private residence from media head honcho Malcolm Forbes and transformed it into a resort with 25 luxurious manors with each A-list essential one can envision: a horse-riding school, a 72-hole golf course, a Pilates studio, and a spa that makes its own particular skin health products utilizing pressed coconuts from the island. Prepare $40,000 per night.

Royal Suite at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris - Marie-José Pommereau, the famous interior designer and co-founder of the French version of Architectural Digest, totally revamped the Royal Suite two years ago. Presently, the biggest hotel room in Paris features décor from the eighteenth century Régence period matched with modern amenities. Prepare $40,000 per night.

expensive hotels

Royal Suite At Burj Al Arab – this Dubai suite from Burj Al Arab gives Hermes shower items and five-head rain showers to make the ultimate bathroom experience. The suite likewise offers 17 types of pillows, a pivoting four-posted bed, full-size Jacuzzis, a private butler and even the free use of a 24-carat gold-plated iPad. Get $22,900 for the night.

Presidential Suite At Ritz-Carlton Tokyo – here, you can enjoy arguably the ritziest of the Ritz Carlton hotels in Tokyo. Found on the 53rd floor of the city’s tallest building, the suite allows some of the best views of the Shinjuku horizon. The Presidential Suite offers a four-poster king-size bed with Frette linens, a private den, a dining area fit for 16 visitors and full marble bathrooms with rainforest shower heads. Prepare $25,000 for the night.

Maharajah’s Pavillion at the Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India – Once the residence of the maharajah, this is the largest “suite” in all of Asia — an extravagant four-floor, 16,000-square-foot condo. The second floor overlooks the internal courts of the royal palace and the Charbagh gardens. Get your $45,000 ready for the night.

The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation At The Laucala Island Resort – Spotted in Fiji, the Laucala Island Resort actually requires an application in order to stay in this glorious suite—yes, you have to be allowed authorization to provide them $40,000 a night.

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